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Benefits of The Local Peddler

“Dollar Days Promotion”
Post your Classified Ads For As Low As $1.00

Because buying and selling locally just makes sense.

We understand that you have many options in which to sell your products and to promote your services. These range from “free” national classified web sites to overpriced local newspaper classifieds and yellow page ads.

Through our research we have found that the market is shifting back towards purchasing at the local level. The classified shopper has become increasingly frustrated with the “free” national classified web sites because of the increased  risk of fraud and the expense and hassles of shipping. They are also realizing that these types of web sites do not provide quality products and services and are not focused on purchasing and selling at the local level.

Every Ad Placement Includes:

  • Free posting of up to three photos with each ad.
  • Virtually unlimited space (400 words) to describe your         product or service.
  • You maintain total editing control of your ad for the entire     posting period.  Make changes, add photos, or delete           your ad anytime day or night.
  • Free URL link directing customers to your web site
  • Immediate posting of your ad.  Place your ad anytime day     or night.  No deadlines to meet and no more waiting for      your ad to publish.
  • The Local Peddler is committed to providing the best source for classified shoppers and sellers in the Boise Idaho local market.  We maintain a local office, staffed by local professionals, ready and willing to assist you with all of your classified advertising needs. We are here Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.   Please feel free to call or stop by our office if you have any questions or need assistance posting ads or posting photos.

    We are committed to promoting The Local Peddler through radio advertising, print ads, direct mail marketing,
    etc. in a focused effort to promote your products and services to the classified shoppers in our local area.

    When deciding where to promote your products and services, we hope you agree that our low cost ad placement fees, combined with the many benefits we offer,  will make The Local Peddler your first choice in local classified advertising.

    Every Ad, In Every Category, For Every Seller is the same low price

    Ad Duration


    30 days


    180 days


    365 days


    No refunds given for early cancellation of your ad


    Add extra visibility and priority to your ad with these optional add-ons:

    Bold and Highlight your ad in Red                                                    $3.00
    Place your ad as a Home Page “Featured Ad”                                 $5.00
    A minimum of one photo must be included with your ad to be
    placed as a Home Page Featured Ad. Placing your ad as a Home
    Page Featured Ad is not an automated process.  Please be
    patient as our staff works to complete this request.


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